Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Glitters on my bag

 I bought this cloth bag with cute cat printed on it. The bag was cute but looked plain. I wanted to give some extra punch. I bought this fevicryl glitters one multicolour and another silver. I drew an outline for the cat's cute specs with multicolour and used silver colour for eyes, nose and an outline near handle of bag.

  It came out so well and got loads of appreciation from all my friends. I was carrying this bag once to the same shop where I bought this fevicryl glitters, the owner lady asked me where I got this bag and the work is really cute. I was so happy and told that I did the work on my own and that too the glitters was bought from her shop with a broad smileeeeee. I hope you all like my simple work.

fevicryl glitters on my bag


  1. Anonymous3/14/2014

    Awesome work Harini, appreciate your creativity! :) Keep going.




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