Saturday, March 22, 2014

Patch works, beads and lace gives designer blouse

   I saw these round and mango shaped patch works in the shop and it attracted me a lot. I got those and also a chumki lace. I stiched them with hand on pink colour blouse. I stiched those chumki lace twice in hand and once on neck. Then I stiched the patch works on right hand side of neck. To add punch I stiched white beads inbetween. Check out the image and see how simple work made normal blouse to designer one.

patch work blouse

patch work blouse

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Pearls stitched perfectly

I had this plain black colour silk cotton blouse. I was thinking what gives elegant look as well as it should match with all my sarees. This time no lace or buttons but a pocket of pearls was sitting and waiting for its chance. Why not try it....I stiched these pearls at the edge with black thread to match the blouse. It came out nicely and it went well with all my sarees.

pearl attached blouse

Friday, March 14, 2014

Glittering salwar top

This new salwar had superb designs all over it. I wanted to change it to a glittering one. Easy way is using fevicryl glitters and I used multicolour. See the difference

fevicryl glitters on salwar top

fevicryl glitters on salwar top

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Golden lace makes trendy fit

Now the trend is changing from short sleeves to 3/4th sleeves. I stitched a red colour silk cotton blouse for my sandal colour cotton saree which has nice red and green colour embroidery on it.

 I got a broad golden colour flower design lace and attached it. Wow it came out so well the look changed completely from an ordinary to trendy wear

Check out the difference in the pic. I don't want to stitch the lace to my neck as I wanted it plain and goes well with my sandal saree. 

golden lace blouse

Colour Buttons getting their way

I am back with my second post. I bought this kurti with nice white and pink combination with simple neck pattern. I bought 3 ring shaped wooden buttons and 3 small buttons to place in middle, all in contrast colour to kurti.

plain neck kurta

     I got this fabric glue and stuck those buttons first and let it dry for a day. Then stitched those buttons with contrast colour thread.

wooden buttons attached to kurta

Now this kurti can go with any contrast colour leggings. Try out the same way if you have any plain kurti and see the magic.

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Glitters on my bag

 I bought this cloth bag with cute cat printed on it. The bag was cute but looked plain. I wanted to give some extra punch. I bought this fevicryl glitters one multicolour and another silver. I drew an outline for the cat's cute specs with multicolour and used silver colour for eyes, nose and an outline near handle of bag.

  It came out so well and got loads of appreciation from all my friends. I was carrying this bag once to the same shop where I bought this fevicryl glitters, the owner lady asked me where I got this bag and the work is really cute. I was so happy and told that I did the work on my own and that too the glitters was bought from her shop with a broad smileeeeee. I hope you all like my simple work.

fevicryl glitters on my bag


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