Thursday, September 25, 2014

Tutorial on how to make quilling Jhumka

quilled jhumka

am posting the tutorial on how to make quilled jhumka..hope this tutorial is useful to all beginners.

Things Needed for making jhumka:

Multi colour Quilling strips 3mm
Quilling needle
Sewing Needle
Glue (I have used fevicryl fabric glue)
Transperant nail polish
Golden colour Head pins
Golden colour caps


I have used 5 different colours of 3mm strips.  Glue at the end of each strip to form a big strip.

Roll it using the Quilling needle and glue it at the end of the roll.

Form a jhumka by pushing the roll in center

Use the sewing needle to make hole properly in center .

Insert the head pin in center and add cap and pearl to it.

Cut off the excess part and add the hook. Bend it and close it.

Apply one coat of transparent nail polish and let it dry. Like wise add 2-3 coats to seal it properly.

Your Jhumka is ready...

Tutorial video 1:

Tutorial Video 2:

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