Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Quilled Beehive earrings

quilled beehive earrings

My quilled beehive earrings, lets get started on how to do this earrings

Things you need:

Quilling needle
Blue colour strip 2(3mm)
Red colour strip 2 (3mm)
White colour strip 2 (3mm)
Black colour strips 4 (3mm)
Greem colour strips 4(3mm)
Rings 4 (Silver colour)
Earring hooks 2 (Silver colour)
Fevicryl silver colour gliters


First stick 2 Green and 2 black strips and use the glue bottle to make a big circular coil.

Stick 1 blue, red and white colour strips together and form beehive.

Insert the beehive and stick it with glue.

Finally apply dots using fevicryl glitters. Let it dry.

Add the rings and hook to get one earring.

Repeat for the next one.

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