Wednesday, April 20, 2016

DIY Easyand simple stone bindi

DIY Easy stone bindi

Plain store bought bindis can be turned into sparkling stone bindis within minutes. The normal bindi's that you buy from shop will look very plain when you wear it to a party or a function. You would always love to wear glittery stone bindi's to get a sparkling effect on your forehead.

Instead of buying them from store, you can make it by yourself within minutes. It is so easy to make these bindis and you can customize them by using any color stone to match your dress. These stone bindi's are so easy to make and the money taht you are going to spead is also very less, you can ask your elderly kids to do as a holiday craft.

In addition to stones, you can also use small size half pearls.

Things required:

White glue (you can either use fabric glue or fevicol)
Basic round shaped readymade bindi bought form store.

DIY Easy stone bindi


1) Open the store bough bindi and place glue dots on top of each bindi.

DIY Easy stone bindi

2)  Now touch the glue with the tip of tooth pick, place the tooth pick on top of one stone and stick it on glue dot placed on bindi. 

3) Finish all the glue dots with stones.

4) Leave it to dry for few minutes. Now your stone bindi is ready.

DIY Easy stone bindi

Video tutorial:


  1. Designer Bindis increases beauty in a women's good looks and make them look perfect I am really thankful to you for the information you have provided. This post is amazing & I'm glad for it.



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