Thursday, August 28, 2014

How to make Eco Friendly Ganesha using Atta/Wheat flour?

How to make Eco Friendly Ganesha using  Atta/Wheat flour?

Ganesha is the most favourite God for many and instead of buying painted Ganesh Idol which is always creating harms to mother nature. Why not try an eco friendly Ganesha idol made out of roti/chapathi dough for this Ganesha chathurthi


1) Take Atta/Wheat flour in a wide mouth vessel.

2) Add water and knead it to a stiff dough.

3) Pinch one big portion and make a soft ball.

4) Next, pinch another portion to make next small ball for face. Keep this on top of the big ball.

5) Pinch 4 tiny portion of the dough and roll it to form vertical strings, attach them as legs and hands. Bend the end portion to show the palms and toes.

6) Pinch a little big portion and roll vertically to form trunk. Attach it as trunk and bend it at the end.

7) With the rest of the dough make it as 5 equal portions. Flatten two of them and attach for ears. Rest 2 keep it on head of Ganesh, the final portion make it as a kumb and rest on top of the head. 

8) Add tiny portions of atta dough for eyes or you can even use toor dal as eyes.


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