Wednesday, October 7, 2015

DIY Book mark

DIY book mark

Book marks are a fantastic return gift for all functions and that too if it is handmade it gives more pleasure:). I made these book marks as return gift for a family function.

Here I will share with you the procedure to do this book marks.

Things Needed

Hand made Paper
Metallic Quilling strips of different colours (5mm)
Glitter pens of different coulours
Decorative ribbon for tag
Fevicryl 3d outliner
Fevicryly 3d Silver glitter


DIY bookmarks

1) Measure and Cut the Handmade paper of 5 cm length and 2.5 cm breadth. You can alter the measurements according to your choice.

2) Now cut the quilling strips of 2.5 cm length and paste them as borders.

3) First draw the Kolam/rangoli designs with pencil and trace with 3d outliner.

4) Next keep the dots inside kolam/rangoli with 3d silver glitter.

5) Use glitter pens to write the thank you note. 

6) Leave it to dry for 24 hours.

7) Next day punch hole on top and tie the decorative ribbon.

Tadaaaa your Book mark is ready....repeat the same steps for rest of book marks.

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